Here's where you can meet some key P&D people and learn who's who behind-the-scenes.

Nazim Jaffer

Managing Director

Nazim is ultimate figure head of our company.

Nazim bought the company in 197??? And single handed tripled its turnover in his first year.

Nazim has seen us through two recessions and continues to steer us onwards. Nazim‘s head for business and finance are our company’s biggest asset.

Sharon Staggs

Company Secretary

Sharon is responsible for all accounts and administration.

When you’re a client, you’ll appreciate Sharon’s skill in customer relations. She handles all our accounts and administration, has ultimate responsibility for our manned services division, and heads our HR department. Sharon has been with the company since 2003.

Barry Patterson

Commercial Manager

Barry is also responsible for Health & Safety.

Barry is tasked with growing our client base and heads up Health & Safety. He joined us in 2000 as Business Development Manager. Barry is ultimately responsible for the growth of our prestigious client base.

Frank Bown

Corporate Manager

If you’re a supplier, you’ll probably get to know Frank, as he oversees our facilities, insurances, fleet vehicles and supply chain. He has been with the company since its inception

Aarif Saiyed

Sr. Software Developer

SiteSentry Architect

Aarif designed our access control software, SiteSentry, and provides technical support to our clients. He also heads our engineering department and oversees the installation of all equipment. He joined the company in 2005.