online access control

Controlling access is the most important factor in protecting property and people.

Now, SiteSentry Pro cloud based access control centralises the management and control of multiple sites. You access the reports right at your desk at the click of your mouse. SiteSentry Pro is also available as a standalone PC based system. It is an efficient, scalable and cost-effective way to control access on small to high volume sites. All reader options like RFID Cards, fingerprint and handgeometry are available.

SiteSentry Pro is proprietory to us and has been developed in-house. This allows us to tailor the software to meet your requirements.

It has many useful reports built in; e.g. the emergency roll call and daily time & attendance. Other reports like the site labour records can help verify claims when trying to resolve disputes with sub-contractors.

SiteSentry Pro assists with Environmental Footprint Calculations.

  1. SiteSentry Pro has additional features that help in site management.
  2. Penalty Points — used to enforce site discipline.
  3. Vehicle Management — vehicle passes can be issued and are linked to a workers record.
  4. Re-inductions — can be forced after a set period or in case a worker has been away for a certain number of days.