the construction industry's access control

SiteSentry Pro provides a cost-effective solution to control access on small to high volume sites and the recording of time and attendance data. It works in card only, biometric only or card & biometric modes.

SiteSentry Pro is targeted to the construction industry. It our proprietary solution, and has been completely designed and developed in-house. This gives us the ability to add features and make modifications within a short time frame.

It is very scalable and can manage a small construction site with a hundred workers and the same system can be easily scaled-up to manage a large infrastructure construction project with thousands of workers.

A handheld and a Software as a Service (SaaS) version of SiteSentry Pro with a Bureau Service is also available.

Certified by Carillion plc’s IT/IS Services to upload data to their Central Reporting System.

  1. It can be connected to various types of readers;
  2. RFID (ISO 125khz cards, Mifare cards, Smart cards).
  3. Biometrics - Ingersol Rand®  Hand Geometry and iEvo® Fingerprint
  1. Control multiple gates and barriers including;
  2. Turnstiles (half height and full height).
  3. Electro-mechanical doors, gates, traffic road barriers.
  1. SiteSentry Pro has additional features that help in site management.
  2. Penalty Points — used to enforce site discipline.
  3. Vehicle Management — vehicle passes can be issued and are linked to a workers record.
  4. Re-inductions — can be forced after a set period or in case a worker has been away for a certain number of days.