detailed reporting

Time & Attendance

  • Daily & Weekly Time & Attendance
  • Weekly & Monthly Labour Returns
  • Daily Visitor Report
  • Worker Attendance Summary

Other Reports

  • Accident Log
  • Penalty Log
  • Door Usage Log
  • Worker Contact Details
  • Contractor Summaries

Reports can be printed directly from the software or exported into Excel workbooks, Adobe portable document format (PDF) or html etc for emailing.

Roll Calls

In case of an accident or emergency where a part or all of the site needs to be evacuated, Site Sentry Pro provides, an instant roll call which lists the worker on site sorted by contractors, where and when the worker last signed in and at which muster point to locate the worker.

Multiple muster points can be set up on the system depending on the size and complexity of a site. These help in doing a head count in minutes. This prevents the fire marshals from wasting time looking for people who may not be on site.

In addition Site Sentry Pro can provide a roll call with just a contractor head count which is also a very useful report.