online induction form for sub-contractors

What it is it?

  • Online inductions for all sub-contractors
  • The project manager at his/her discretion can authorise any sub-contract to fill the pre-induction forms online
  • This data can then be checked for completeness before the person actually comes to site
  • The person’s data is automatically inserted in to the on-site SiteSentry system but not authorised
  • When the person comes on site for his/her induction; after induction their picture is taken and fingerprint is enrolled in the system
  • The person then gets authorised to use the site turnstiles.

How to Access it?

  • P&D will provide a URL like yoursitename.pdholdingsltd.co.uk where yoursitename would be the name of your site
  • The project manager (or on their behalf P&D) will provide a unique user name and password combination that would permit the sub-contractor supervisor to log in and insert data

Security & Restrictions

  • The external users would only be allowed access to data that belongs to that particular sub-contractor linked to their unique username password combination
  • They would have permission to only add new persons and to change the data up to the moment the person is site inducted
  • Once a user has been inducted on the site system they would be able to view that person’s site induction data (NO TIME AND ATTENDANCE DATA WOULD BE VISIBLE) but they would not have any permission to delete or modify the record.

Benefits for Site

  • On-Site Inductions are a time consuming and lengthy process
  • When a person comes on site for the first time they have to fill out the pre-induction form which then has to be checked before induction starts
  • Making a sub-contractor fill out this form for each of the employees they intend to send for induction a few days before they actually came on to site would greatly reduce the time spent in distributing the forms, explaining the forms and checking them each morning before inductions
  • We propose that all pre-induction form data would be filled in a few days prior to the person coming on site. This would give the site team ample time (when they are not so busy) to screen the data and comment if necessary
  • Reducing the chances of people with incomplete documentation i.e. CSCS cards, right to work in the UK, language skills, etc... being sent for inductions.

Screen Shots

  • Home Page
  • Log In
  • Persons Inducted For Sub-Contractor
  • New Induction Form

Data protection

  • The site database would continue to sit behind a firewall and only personnel with full access to the on-site computer and SiteSentry Pro software would have access to the full site records.