The UK is a globally recognised leader in the use of CCTV for crime prevention and detection. CCTV technology has progressed in leaps and bounds over the last decade in the UK. As the entry price of CCTV camera systems (both IP and analogue) are coming down year on year, they are becoming more cost effective crime deterrents over the traditional options available like manned security.

Prevention & Detection (Holdings) Limited provides CCTV solutions for all types of commercial and home needs. All our CCTV solutions are designed keeping your specific security requirements in mind. We use state of the art IP cameras with built in IR (infrared lights), NVRs, include PIRs and/or beam sensors to trigger alarms when they are activated. We incorporate loud speakers to enable the operators to talk back and warn off the intruders that they are being recorded before they can cause much damage.

All cameras that are used are PoE and IP, this allows us to reuse the existing network cabling (if available) in a property reducing costs and simplifying maintenance. The CCTV solutions are designed to operate continuously (24/7). This provides the added benefit of recorded evidence when a crime does occur. Some insurance companies will even reduce your premiums based on this fact.

We have our own 24/7 control room and provide a remote monitoring service for all the cameras we fit. Our operators are trained to verbally intervene remotely, or summon assistance from the police or other services.

Fundamental to the successful operation of CCTV systems is the expertise that P&D can bring, in terms of camera design and location. Please speak to us about your specific needs, as we specialise in both standard solutions, but more importantly, have vast experience in commercial systems that are matched to our customers’ needs.

We can also provide assistance in the extraction of relevant video evidence from the recordings for use in any subsequent criminal proceedings.

Prevention & Detection (Holdings) Limited have been providing CCTV solutions to large construction companies on their projects in London and the south-east for a very long time using a combination of manned guarding and high performance cameras. The site managers can be confident of the protection of high-value equipment and materials, whilst also being protected from vandalism by unauthorised intruders.

We also provide IP camera systems for the cost conscious home owner. These cameras are aesthetically pleasing and unobtrusively blend into the surrounding décor. They include free software (manufacturer provided) that permits recording and viewing of the images on your computer or mobile phone.

Images of people are covered by the Data Protection Act (ICO guidance). The Data Protection Act does not apply to individuals’ private or household purposes. So if you install a camera on your own home to protect it from burglary, the Act will not apply.

Prevention & Detection (Holdings) Limited use HIKVISION® IP cameras.